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Our Mission

Utah Association for Gifted Children advocates for the diverse population of gifted children in the State of Utah. We advance the understanding of the academic and social/emotional needs of gifted children among community leaders, policy makers, educators and parents. We promote the development of quality services to provide educational opportunities for gifted students. We increase the capacity of educators and parents to be agents of change in their schools and communities and in the lives of gifted children.

Our Direction

It is only with your help and support that we can continue to:

  • Raise public awareness of the needs of gifted children.

  • Disseminate information to school personnel and public officials related to the nature and education of the gifted.

  • Serve as a public advocate concerning the needs of the gifted.

  • Promote research and development on the nature and education of the gifted at all ages and educational levels.

  • Encourage and assist the development of state and local organizations that support gifted education.

  • Organize an annual education convention on current trends, research, and new programs in the field of gifted education.

UAGC Policy and Organization Information

The Utah Association for Gifted Children maintains records, including IRS 990 Statements and Board minutes. They are available for public inspection on request. Requests may be made by sending an email to or mailing a request for information to


P.O. Box 9332
Salt Lake City, UT 84109-0332

Current governing policies are provided at the links below.

governing Policies

Utah Association for Gifted Children

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