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Presidents Message

My message for this newsletter is one of gratitude.

It is my privilege to be associated with many selfless parents, who seek the best for their children, and many dedicated teachers, who advocate for their students to have a positive educational experience where they are challenged and moving forward.

Thank you for taking the time to open this publication. Thank you for joining us on this quest. I am grateful for your collegiality, insights, talents, examples, and commitment.

"Bright Minds, Brighter Futures" is the UAGC motto. Thank you for providing an extra ray of sun to shine on our cause. Together, we really do create brighter futures!

Rebecca Smith
UAGC President

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UAGC Winter Symposium

Dr. Jonathan Plucker, a professor at John Hopkins University, was our featured guest for the 2020 Winter Symposium, and it was an honor to have him with us in Utah!

On the morning of Friday, February 7, Dr. Plucker addressed school leaders and teachers. He focused on governing policies and the importance of having equitable practices and long-range goals for gifted and talented programs. He reminded us of the importance of front-loading: preparing students to tap into future opportunities by building capacity. He also reminded us of the importance of creating “more pie” for students in the form of quality instruction and opportunities for enrichment.

At the parent session on Friday evening and the teacher session on Saturday morning, Dr. Plucker spoke about what creativity is and how to foster it. He reminded us that what we see as “amazing creativity” such as great artists, musicians, and inventors, did not happen in an instant. Even the best ideas and natural talent require a significant amount of effort and work to become refined into great masterpieces.

He spoke of the importance of recognizing how each of us uses creativity in our daily lives, to model it for our children and students, and to help them articulate their own creative thoughts and activities.

The time in the workshops flew quickly and was well-spent! Below are some links if you would like to learn more about Dr. Plucker’s research:

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UAGC Summer Conference

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Solve !T Conference

Davis School District is hosting the first-ever national SOLVE !T Conference. This conference is all about problem-based learning and involves teachers AND students.

At this conference, you'll see teachers and their students sharing the problems they tackled and the projects they've created, from identifying authentic issues, researching and designing solutions, and implementing them in the school and in the real world outside the classroom. With engaging keynote speakers and hands-on breakout sessions, you'll be ready to start the new school year with ideas and a PBL tool kit to problem solve away with your students.

To find out about the SOLVE !T Conference click the website link below.

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UAGC: Ideas for Educators and Parents

Click HERE to see 3 ways to Develop your Gifted PLN.

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Save the Dates!

  • June 9th - 11th, 2020

  • UAGC 2020 Annual Conference

  • Guest Speaker - Dr. Jim Delisle

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